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2.0T wheel loader ZLM20

  1. Applicable to infrastructure projects, road construction, mines, factories, warehouses, such as sand, dirt, shovels, loading and unloading of bulk material such as coal, short-distance transport, is equally applicable to similar operations elsewhere.
  2. &Nbsp advanced design of the hydraulic system, the use of new load-sensing valves and quality more reliable, more flexible, high-quality professional oil.
  3. &Nbsp bucket capacity reaches 1.15m3, maximum unloading height high 2755mm, Max-unloading from a large 1177mm.
  4. Using the new instrument cluster, beautiful appearance, reliable quality, driving large interior space, comfortable operation.

Rated load capacity:2000kg

Standard bucket capacity: 1.15m³

Engine power:57KW


Maximum dumping height:2755mm