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1.8T wheel loader ZLM18 wheel loader

  1. Using the renowned Los towing, excellent performance and strong power, low early failure.
  2. With a hydraulic torque converter, suitable for vehicle weight and corresponding speed, ensures powerful traction and breakout force, again with appropriate speed and good economy.
  3. Double-axle drive, hub reduction, swing, pattern wide base tires, has good cross-country performance and compact the transmission structure.
  4. Low center of gravity, the strong stability of the machine, can adapt to a wide variety of operating environments.  
  5. &Nbsp cab adopts sealed structure, comfortable operation, Visual area of more than 47%, according to needs of the reinforcement of equipment can withstand enormous loads of flip-style canopy, ensure the safety of the operator.
  6. &Nbsp bi-changeable system independent structures, single-single-phase three-wheel torque converters and parallel shaft gearbox, transmission efficiency is up to 86%
  7. Load sensing hydraulic control system with priority valve, compact structure, small size, easy maintenance, energy and labor.

Rated power:    57KW

Operating weight:     6.5 Ton

Biggest force of traction:      62KN

Maximum breakout force:   57 KN

Rated bucket capacity:      1.0m3

Minimum turning radius:4700mm

Three things:   10.2s