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Backhoe loader WZ30-25 backhoe loader

  1. Imported Cummins 4 cylinder turbo engine, Cummins Engine with low noise, fuel consumption is small, power reserves, and low emissions.
  2. Italy CARRARO company for production of backhoe loader transmission system.
  3. Standard car for two drives, according to customer needs, to provide customers with buggies. Whether two other drive and four-wheel drive, rear drive axle with differential locks and wet brake.
  4. BI-changeable system imported exclusively for backhoe loader matched gears, synchronized, electro-hydraulic control forward and backward, mechanical synchronization gear.
  5. For imported non-driving steering axle swing bridge, features steering angle, angle of oscillation, to vehicle turning radius, improved vehicle in the case of small venues and poor roads through sex.
  6. Imported exclusively for backhoe loader drive axle of the supporting, maintenance-free wet braking, greatly enhanced driving safety and reliability.
  7. Belt differential lock, which greatly improves the vehicle's traction performance.
  8. Single pump system of hydraulic systems using high performance gear, main parts of pumps, valves, power steering full selection of well-known foreign companies products.
  9. Four stalls after the first four, maximum forward speed of 40 km/h or more, fully adapted to your needs. Changlin wet brake service brake and parking brake, brake effect is good, convenient parking brake adjustment, imported components, reliable quality and ensure traffic safety.
  10. -Mounted excavator and a leg broken when rocks and dig deeper, with better stability, and improve work efficiency. Midpoint of the locking mechanism of the take-up arm design dramatically improves driving stability and security. Provides the user with an all-round view, spacious, comfortable, fully enclosed ROPS cab.

Backhoe bucket capacity rating (m3): 0.3

Loads fixed Dipper capacity (m3): 1.0

Operating weight (kg):7000

Minimum turning radius(mm):3795

Engine rated power (kW): 82

Biggest force of traction(kN):43.5(Both drives),70(Quattro)