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Timber grab series


Changlin company limited was once part of the Ministry of forestry designated production enterprise, was noted for production wood loader at the beginning, gradually extending to other products, depending on the usage, Chang Lin to design different gripping car model for users to useWood grapple, according to user requirements, specially designed, you can rest assured.

Chang-Lin has a State-level technology center, including equipment design engineers have6And experienced. It is worth mentioning that, Chang-Lin devoted to forestry, dock, field operations environment makes a great deal of research, and Chang-Lin52Year of production wood loader experience easy, convenient operation and maintenance.

China's first set of wheels grab the birthplace of wood catch pipe, in technical competition of the national forest system grasps the wooden match on top.

Changlin grasping oil pipe machine not only on product quality, maintain the lead and also hold absolute advantage in the market. In selling domestic roads, municipal, mining, environmental, forestry, water conservancy, agriculture and other businesses at the same time,And in Indonesia, and Zimbabwe, and Canada and other countries.