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Mixer truck SY412C-6W (LNG)

31 gas traditional mixers mixers over more than 3,120 years design experience, is upload synchronization with the chassis design, vehicle matching technology, economy and environmental protection of another major breakthrough, WP10NG, WP12NG series gas-engine vehicle supporting the use of bottles with international brands to 31 products safe, reliable and economic advantages for further reflection.

LNG cryogenic conservation: LNG enables real-time monitoring and control of temperature, when emergency stop to prevent LNG cryogenic leaks caused by carburetor icing;
High levels of flame retardant wire harness: engine wiring harness burn cases, melting does not burn.
After three high test gas engines only. Turpan flaming, hot-and cold-MoHE in Heilongjiang province and plateau-Kunlun mountains.
Iridium spark plugs, Platinum solder, long service life of 10.12 million kilometers.
ModelsSY412C-6W (LNG)
Curb weight (kg)17,200
Overall dimensions (length x width x height) (mm)10550×2500×3970
Wheelbase (mm)1700+3500+1350
Max mileage (with/without load) (km)300/600
Full of gas consumption per hundred kilometers (kg)≤45
Mixing tube angle (°)11
Engine modelWP12NG350E50
Rated power/speed (kW/"PM)257/2200
Engine displacement (l)11.596
Emissions standardsState v
Cylinder typeWLNG450-1.38
Effective volume405
Maximum filling quantity (kg)170
Bridge7.5T front axle rear axle/2x13T
Oil pumpEaton ACA542337
MotorEaton HHD543321