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Truck crane STC250

Scientific power match, ensuring a more robust power transmission and power systems more energy efficient.
9-speed gearbox and gears more clearly, shift more portable.
Hydraulic power steering systems, simple structure, steering.
Using sophisticated chassis design and matching system, making the vehicle more reliable and lower maintenance costs.
Full width cab and ergonomically designed to make driving more comfortable.
Has the international advanced road test of crane runway, through various types of intensive road test, driving performance ensure the chassis is more reliable.
Optional ABS axle, braking systems safer and more reliable.

The bus
Main arm made of high strength steel plate, basic arm torque up to 962kN.m, the longest arm torque up to 544kN.m,
Crane performance; fully optimize the u-arm design, making the crane more uniform, better rigidity, higher security.
Full arm length 33.5M, lifted high, wide lifting range.
Finite element analysis of main boom design, optimal strength and stiffness, improve stress rating
Cloth, to increase security.
Transverse span Outrigger industry first, superior lifting performance.
Operating room made of corrosion-resistant steel sheet, configure the full coverage soft interiors, panoramic sunroof, adjustable seat and other human
Design, operating more comfortable and relaxing.

Electrical system
GCP systems
Original GCP remote management platform of construction machinery, patrons take control of vehicle trajectory and operations, remind accessories maintenance, extend equipment life, and improve the efficiency of equipment management.
Bus instruments
With integrated intelligent control the bus electrical system instrument, may at any time take control of line-drive parameter, driving more easily and has an engine malfunction prompts, troubleshooting maintenance more efficient.
Load moment limiter
Highly intelligent Torque limiter system, all-round protection hanging load operations, ensuring more accurate, more stable, more comfortable operation.

Hydraulic system
Improved design of the hydraulic system, using high-performance 31 main valve through the exact parameter match to boost the speed indicators, operating more smoothly.
Pressure compensation technology, double pump, Confluence technologies greatly improve working efficiency.
Telescopic system using flow regeneration technology, increase arm speed.
Balancing valves, hydraulic lock key hydraulic parts are made of high quality components, high reliability.
Rational layout of hydraulic components in appearance, making maintenance more simple and convenient.
Main performance parametersTotal maximum rated lifting capacityt25
Minimum rangem3
Maximum rated lifting momentBasic armkN.m962
Full armkN.m544
Leg span (horizontal x vertical)m5.3×6.2
Lifting heightBasic armm1 1
Maximum main boomm34
Maximum main boom + Vice boomm42
Boom lengthBasic armm10.65
Maximum main boomm33.5
Maximum main boom + Vice boomm41.5
Boom Festival 4
Lifting arm section type U-arm
Deputy boom lengthm8
Deputy boom mounting angle°0, 15, 30