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Truck crane STC1250

Dynamic performance, main parts are well-known brands such as engine, transmission, vehicle maximum speed 85km/h maximum climbing 45%, differential lock with wheel differential lock, spindle, powerful, meet a wide range of road driving needs.
5-axle chassis, one or two or five-axle steering, three, four or five bridge driver, minimum turning radius 11M, steering, nimble.
Dual-circuit braking system, configure the ABS, the whole car engine braking, brake assist, meanwhile, increased axle braking torque, braking distances, which greatly improves braking performance.
Innovative flat-bottom frame structure, strengthen the frame bending and torsional strength, increase the frame fatigue life.
Innovative front swinging leg, greatly simplifying chassis drive system improves transmission efficiency.
Using sophisticated chassis design and matching system, more reliable vehicle performance and lower maintenance costs.
Has the international advanced road test of crane runway, through various types of intensive road test, driving performance ensure the chassis is more reliable.

The bus
Main arm made of high strength steel plate, basic arm torque up to 5100kN.m, the longest arm torque 2100kN.m, lifting ability, fully optimized u shaped circular-section main boom, boom force more evenly, lighter weight and improved security.
Main boom jib length industry first, full arm length 60M, two 18m the variable jib, lift higher, lifting broader.
Finite element analysis of main boom design, optimal strength and stiffness, improved stress distribution and improve security.
Single cylinder latch telescopic main boom uses advanced technology, automatically scaled to the desired length according to working conditions, and can choose a variety of arm length combinations, crane scale more stable and reliable, more secure.
Original Pan counterweight techniques, weight back 860mm, main crane load maximum hoisting 25%, lifting operation by cranes carrying capacity and stability has been greatly improved.
Electric proportional pump controlled double rotation mechanism, speed performance and movements more stable, energy efficient; unique revolving design, braking smoother.
Large electric proportional variable displacement piston pumps, variable-displacement motor winch system, single rope pulls; double variable speed pumps, motors, high efficiency and energy saving.
Operating room made of corrosion-resistant steel sheet, configure the full coverage soft interiors, panoramic sunroof, adjustable seat and other user-friendly design, operating more comfortable and relaxing.

Electrical system
Bus instruments
With integrated intelligent control the bus electrical system instrument, may at any time take control of line-drive parameter, driving more easily and has an engine malfunction prompts, troubleshooting maintenance more efficient.
Automatic control system of Outrigger
Use automatic leveling, troubleshooting tips feature electronically controlled leg, operating flexibility, more time and more effort.
Center for intelligent control
Fuzzy PID control, automatic scaling is used, power matching and energy saving control module, ensure a smooth, comfortable control.
GCP systems
Original GCP remote management platform of construction machinery, patrons take control of vehicle trajectory and operations, remind accessories maintenance, extend equipment life, and improve the efficiency of equipment management.

Hydraulic system
Primary pumps, rotary pumps, valves, hoist motors, valves and other key hydraulic parts, are made of high quality components, high reliability through exact parameter match and handles better.
Mining electric proportional variable displacement piston pump, by electrically controlled handle opening changes, adjusting pump displacement, high precision flow control.
Using in-house-developed double-pump and shunt valve single dual pump converging action more efficient, the combination of dual-pump bypass handling better.
Main hoist mining electric proportional variable-displacement motor, winch micro-mobility, stability good.
Innovative closed-slewing buffer system, rotating boot, brake, and more stable, fretting more outstanding.
Innovative gravity falls amplitude compensation of hydraulic system, no power loss, falling pieces of micro-mobility, stability and superior.
Uses the advanced technology of single cylinder latch telescopic cylinder arm pin interlock systems combine mechanical, electrical and hydraulic triple protection, higher reliability.

Main performance parametersMaximum rated lifting weightt125
Minimum rangem3
Maximum rated lifting momentBasic armkN·m5100
Full armkN·m2100
Boom lengthBasic armm13.3
Full armm60
Outrigger + Vice boomm78.1
Max lifting heightBasic armm13.3
Full armm60
Outrigger + Vice boomm78.1
Boom luffing range°-2~80
Boom Festival 6
Boom sections Oval
Deputy boom lengthm10.7~18.1
Deputy boom angle°0, 15, 30
The car engineEngine model OM906LA.E2/5
Engine rated powerkw/(r/min)150/(2200)
Rated torqueN.m/(r/min)750/(1200~1600)
Rated speedr/min2200