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Road rollers SPR260E

· The whole machine adopts hydraulic drive technology, run smoothly and without impact, simple and convenient operation;
· + Hydraulic brake hydraulic servo-assisted brakes, ensure the machine safety;
· Set up automatic oil injection system + installation, thoroughly solve the world's problems of construction tires onto the asphalt and improve construction quality, reduces costs, ensures high safety performance during construction;
· Setting automatic charging system, can be adjusted automatically according to the thickness of the compacted material and tire pressure, ensuring uniformity of compaction;
· Key parts are made of world famous brands, ensuring total reliability;
· The tire completely out of the frame, from the edge of the driver's cab can directly see the tires to improve compactness of the machine crash, safety requirements for forward and backward visibility can reach 1mx1m machine without any blind spots;
· Overall routine maintenance and clinched, front and rear tire removal is very convenient;
· Work condition adaptability, pavement and subgrade compaction of different materials;
· Set night-time lighting systems, conditions more flexibility.

Minimum quality of work12000kg
Maximum work quality26000kg
Tire with an average ground pressure200~520kPa
Tire inflation pressure200~800kPa