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Road rollers SPR260-TH

First automatic injector technology
The industry's first automatic fuel injection technology, ensure that the tires are not sticky asphalt, saving money and hassle free
Pneumatic injection no oil pump, job stability guarantee
Vacuum oil, 2 minutes to fill the tank, without manual oil
Saves an Oiler, significant savings in cost to the customer
Elimination of road roller industry in artificial oil security risks
Fully hydraulic drive system
Stepless and smooth starting and stopping, reducing the impact on the pavement
Operation is simple, quick, and labor intensity
Superior compaction abilities
Meet the asphalt pavement, water the grass-roots and other compaction need
Centralized automatic inflation system
Automatic inflation pressure is adjustable
Uniform pressure, compaction level
Even a flat tire can also be normal ongoing construction
Hydraulic wheel side brake technology
Hydraulic all-wheel brake can be used in engines, transmission systems under extreme conditions
Reliable brake 6 times, eliminate security risks
Compared with the industry average distance short braking distance 50%, complete elimination of braking safety hazard
Parking brake transaxle normally closed, stop brake, do not need to pull Handbrake

Minimum quality of work11000kg
Maximum work quality26000kg
Tire with an average ground pressure200~520kPa
Tire inflation pressure200~800kPa