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Side discharge machine

Changlin market share among the side-dump loaders.

Are widely used in construction sites, harbors, docks, stations, freight yards and other places of loading or short-distance transport loose Earth, sand and gravel, coal, waste and other loose materials, especially suitable for narrow tunnel excavation and construction job site and shuttle operations in parallel with supporting transport vehicles, you do not need steering improperly, handling and movement, greatly reducing cycle time, improve working efficiency;

Especially, highways, railroads, flood discharge in modern water conservancy project engineering construction in a variety of sizes such as tunnel construction projects and diverse working environment, and plays is unload loader cannot play a role, is an ideal forming operations for earthworks and tunneling tunnel construction of machinery.

In tunnel construction in the side unloading mount machine of job environment compared bad, its air quality than open-air job to poor many, air wet and mechanical in work process in the produced of harmful dust, and fume and the toxic exhaust more, and this in is big degree Shang will effects side unloading mount machine engine of intake quality, serious Shi engine will due to exhaust of again inhalation led its power declined, exhaust risk black smoke, even caused launched motivation cylinder within product carbon, greatly shortened engine of using life. Chang Lin side-dump loader high flow, low resistance and high protection of the automatic dust and paper filter dust in the desert-type air filter can reduce inlet resistance and anti-dust, avoid early wear of the cylinder liner, piston and other parts, which helps to extend engine life, providing powerful support for the efficient operation of the machine.

Durable, efficient design of side-dump device

For tunnel operations for harsh working condition of rock, while narrow, can realize positive discharge, lateral unloading can be achieved, in side discharge bucket under the fuel tank side lateral discharge around the boom, and transport vehicles side-by-side operations. Left and right side discharge can be based on field realities and operations needs to replace itself. Especially suitable for construction site job of narrow roads and tunnels. Chang Lin side-dump loader working device specifically designed to enhance the wear resistant,VStructure loading resistance is small, replaceable grinding to ensure operational continuity and reliability, thus better ensuring the construction progress and in terms of economic benefits.

Safety design of occupants

Optional anti-litter and anti roll device, plus protective NET, high-decibel buzzer can be equipped in order to ensure reliable security for driver,Effective prevention in tunnel construction operations inside the cave, cave, rock burst, the roof of the cave, such as falling rocks.