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LNG natural gas loader

 Chang Lin LNG loading machine fueled by liquefied natural gas, LNG volume is about the same volume of gaseous natural gas one-six hundred and twenty fifth and weighs only about 45% in the same volume of water, are easier to store and transport. Moreover, the temperament of liquefied natural gas and clean, engine running smooth, vibration is little, the noise is low, can effectively improve ride comfort and does not produce carbon after combustion, longer engine life and low maintenance more frequently. Diesel loaders per hour fuel consumption 20 liters, 20×7 = 140 Yuan, per hour consumption of LNG loader 22 cubic meters, 22×3.5 = 77 Yuan. 8 hours of working time per day, 22 working days per month, 12 months a year, could cut 133,000 yuan per year. Thus, for most users, can use less than a year's time to recover increased costs on the whole, in some users of long working hours, heavy workload, use economy better.

Sound transmission systems, single board frame hydraulic tank side, with standard single-lever pilot hydraulic system, while increasing the rear view system, ceiling with automatic leveling system, and so on.

Operating weight (tons)  16.9
Max breakout force (kN)  165
Biggest force of traction (kN)  155
Maximum unloading height (mm) 3100
Uninstall distance (mm)  1150
Maximum climbing gradient (degrees)  30
Minimum turning radius (mm) # 5798
Wheel base (mm)  2200