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Crawler tractors Dong Fang Hong-CB1002/CB1202

1, the main purpose

For dozing, mainly for irrigation, pond repair, building towns small and medium Earth moving operations.

2, the main performance characteristics

1) power systems using United Kingdom Ricardo joint-venture production of diesel engines, low noise, high torque, energy conservation and environmental protection; and dry type, multiple structures and constant combining clutch, with big torque reserve and reliability features

2) gear-box for 4F ﹢ 2R mechanical gearbox, simple operation, easy maintenance and reliable to use

3) Steering clutch for dry-type, multiple steering clutch, hydraulically assisted operation, easy maintenance, manipulation of light

4) drive system uses a two-level, straight teeth, big modulus gear transmission, with high bearing capacity, high reliability

5) this machine uses high reliability, easy maintenance, versatility and easy procurement of spare parts;

6) fitted with Dozer blade, Ripper for bulldozing, loosing jobs. Vehicles with 24V batteries direct electric start, start easy

7) cabs new, safe, seat comfort, vision, and low noise.

Model Model Dong Fang HongCB1002 type Dong Fang HongCB1202 type
Total weight Total weight kg 10400(11500)
Engine model Engine model LR6A3-23 LR6A3Z-23
Engine rated power/Speed Engine rated power /speed kw/ r/min 81/2300 93/2300
Engine fuel consumption rate Fuel consumption of the engine g/km.h ≤242
The way forward1-4 file forward 1-4 gears km/h 2.6-10.4
Back1-2 file Reverse 1-2 gears km/h 3.7-6.7
Track width Track board with mm 450(720)
Ground pressure Land pressure kPa 52.4(36)
Outside dimensions(Long× Wide × high) Overall dimension(L×W×H) mm 4177×2835(3140)×3000
Bulldozing blade(Width× High) Bulldozer shovel(W×H) mm 2850(3140)×960
Blade Max lifting height Blade max lifting height mm 830
Blade depth Blade max digging depth mm 350