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3T wheel loader 937H wheel loader

Chang Lin in Chang-Lin ZL30H 937H loader is developed on the basis of a new generation of three tons of loaders, and implemented four major breakthroughs and ten technology upgrades, better suited to heavy-duty, harsh environment operations. Four great breakthrough manifested in the following aspects: the first big breakthrough, higher 937H 2934 cm standard dumping height of loaders, reaching currently the 5-ton dumping height of loaders, you can meet a wide range of job requirements. Second big breakthrough, significant improvement has more traction 937H loader, up to 105,000 cattle, 96,000 bovine breakout force, fully meet the job requirements for high strength and superior performance in poor condition will be more. Third major breakthrough, more reliable 937H loader vehicle pipe joints have double sealed structure, effectively solves common piping leakage problems in the industry. Fourth big breakthrough, more comfortable Changlin and professional car accessory company, luxury interior design, seal better, more sound insulation. 937H loader on the basis ZL30H also implements 10 technology upgrades.

1, vehicle exterior and Interior fully upgraded: 937H loader appearance upgrade, vehicle katehuang-primary colors, dark grey at the bottom, not only increases the vehicle's sporty, but also increases the overall sense of poise and sense of power. Introduce new car design concepts, new stamping molding, mold production, make the cab more fruity and delicate appearance, better sealed. New CAB using double-door structure, height front and rear armrest, increase the safety of drivers on and off. Car interior configuration, integrated instrument console with adjustable, fashionable and elegant; panorama window and look more broadly.

2, equipped with new environment-friendly engine, power distribution East Kang engine.

&Nbsp3, optimized drive system of new type torque converter and engine more reasonable, and consume less power.

&Nbsp4, working to install newly-designed traction has improved significantly, and tests showed productivity was also significantly increased; new bucket, bucket bottom unloading angle is optimized, unloading easier and cleaner.

5, before and after the optimization of frame hinge structure, and improved rear axle swing frame, thereby enhancing the reliability of the vehicle;

&Nbsp6, vehicle line connector with 24 degree cone double sealed structure, greatly reduces the leakage failure rate.

7, work control, gear control using Flex control, flexible, lightweight, and reliable;

&Nbsp8, single board frame design is more suitable for the spatial arrangement of the parts, improving the maintainability of the machine.

Of the auxiliary grade 9, improved lighting, mirrors

10, in security, and humanity has been done to improve and enhance, increase the startup protection, add grease in the provided protective cover, fuel level gauge and pedal platform extends back has double functions of resisting and maintenance platform.
  Rated load(kg):3000

Rated bucket capacity(m3):1.7

Operating weight(kg):10200

Maximum breakout force(kN):96

Maximum unloading height(mm):2934

Minimum turning radius(Outside the bucket)(mm):5600