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3T wheel loader 933 loaders

933 8 technical improvements are involved, particularly with regard to appearance and comfort, there is more comfortable, more good-looking;
50 type fixed-shaft transmission, heavy-duty axle, matching the engine more reasonable fuel consumption below than above 10%;
Stall operations with flexible shaft manipulation, flexible and lightweight, high-grade seat, double side door, equipped with a bogesi fan, increase comfort;
933 key projects such as hoisting machine damping and noise; battery compartment design, such as the electrical circuit is optimized and improved design, electrical switching devices improve grades, more secure, more reliable and two have achieved satisfactory results.
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Rated load: 3000kg
Rated bucket capacity: 1.5-3.2 m
Operating weight: 10200kg
Max breakout force: ≥ 96kN
High unloading unloading height: ≥ 3200mm