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Backhoe loader 620CH backhoe loader

Side shift backhoe loader compared with the traditional backhoe loader, has two major advantages:

A more stable drive, mount,

Second, carrying out mining operations require frequent adjustment of vehicle position all the time. Job much wider, more comfortable, more efficient.

  1. &Nbsp engine by Cummins turbocharged engine Euro 2 emission standards, its power is strong, and can also be used in high altitude areas, quality trustworthy; transmission system using imported international advanced mainstream backhoe loader configuration, gears, synchronized with electro-hydraulic control;
  2. &Nbsp hydraulic system's main components are the internationally renowned brands, improve the reliability of hydraulic components;
  3. Service brake and parking brake self adjusting, standard, maintenance-free wet brake.
  4. Loading device with single handle control, with automatic bucket lift leveling, arm floating control.
  5. Digging device used with pilot control, manipulation of a smoother, more convenient, more effort.
  6. Fully enclosed ROPS cab with top-mounted ducted air conditioning system, always the humanization design concept.

Backhoe bucket capacity rating (m3):0.2

Loads fixed Dipper capacity (m3):0.9

Quality machine work (kg):7800

Minimum turning radius (mm):4300

Overall length (mm):5800

Overall width (mm):2240

Total height (mm):3530