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Skid steer 265C skid loader

1. the introduction of new diesel engines, pumps, motors, end of discharge, low noise and high reliability;

2. hydrostatic drive walk 4×4 device, maximizing the use of traction, driving fast, reliable braking;

3. strong dynamic, compact body, coupled with a unique way of 360° skid steer, light and flexible;

4. the pilot control, walk left and right handles can be fully realized, loading and unloading functions operation is simple and reliable;

 5. Bucket hydraulic circuit automatic compensation mechanisms, guarantees lifting bucket during translation, fast and smooth loading and unloading process;

6. it is equipped with air-conditioning and fully enclosed cabs, uses the 270° the main glass structure, equipped with a rear-view mirror on both sides, driving safety, comfort, vision;

7. fault diagnosis system for comprehensive, real-time monitoring of hydraulic and electrical work;

 8. Can be equipped with a variety of special work to meet customers ' different needs;

 9. All work, using a unique quick change connections, an operation officials within a short time, completed a variety of connecting with his bare hands.

Total weight: 3500kg

Maximum dumping height:2326mm

Rated bucket capacity: 0.53m3

Overall length:3490mm

Overall width:1800mm

Total height:2020mm

Minimum turning radius (outside the bucket): 2235mm

Rated load:800kg