Expected to realize an annual output value of 3 billion yuan put into operation


28 January 31 paerfeige highly anticipated special vehicle equipment limited (hereinafter referred to as "31 paerfeige) is located in the city of Nantong, Jiangsu, 31 Industrial Park East, officially put into operation, plans to build within 5 years the annual production capacity of 10000 specialized vehicles, achieve an annual output value of 3 billion yuan, profits of 200 million Yuan. This marks 31 heavy industry in the area of diesel cranes and other special vehicles and investing in equipment, considerable progress has been made.
  On the day of the opening ceremony, the Secretary of Nantong city, the municipal people's Congress Director David municipal Committee, Party Secretary-General Huang Wei, Vice Mayor Dan Dong Xiaoming, Rudong County Jean Li Feng, 31 heavy industries Chairman Liang Wengen, 31 heavy industries Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Engineer of Yi Xiaogang, President of Palffi group of leaders such as hebote and aotena 31 paerfeige • agents from around the country to witness this historic moment.

Achieve annual output of 10000 units within 5 years, the output value of 3 billion yuan

  East industrial park is 31 investment in heavy industry in this country is the sixth largest in the construction of production bases with an area of 1000 MU, the total area of 270000 square meters, with total investment of 3 billion yuan. The draft specifies two construction period, the period of 31 car crane limited and paerfeige Limited Austria Asia-Pacific joint venture construction, main production with the car, lifting transport vehicles and Spider man car and wagon can unload garbage car type, special vehicles, equipment, plans, 5 years as part of a Taiwan special transport 10000 years capacity, made the annual volume of 3 billion yuan, profits of 200 million Yuan; (II) the period to be of advanced equipment, production of the project, is expected to be fully built by the end of 2016.
  31 he said, heavy industries President, 31 and paerfeige in the field of products and technologies, has formed a good competitive advantage, which carries 31 "construction equipment global cooperation, global markets, global production, direction, with 31 paerfeige official production, mixing the combination will be more blood on both sides. He also pointed out that the world has become paerfeige 31 is the leading supplier of specialized vehicle equipped with various conditions, such as a good investment environment, the project will be 31 and paerfeige honors two global brands, will be able to make an important contribution to economic and social development in Nantong.
  Palffi group is a global leader in the field of commercial transport truck with a crane industry market performance. In this regard, hebote · aotena, Palffi group, said the company's development is inseparable from China's huge market, cooperate with 31 heavy industry is preferred, 31 paerfeige is the result of close cooperation between the parties, but also the deep friendship of the Crystal.
31 paerfeige 31 is the operation operation of heavy industry in Rudong and Palffi Group on the development of cooperatives of significant results. Nantong municipal Secretary David think project, choose layout in Nantong, Nantong, have the unique advantage of further resources and investment advantage, 31 paerfeige joint venture Nantong coastal advanced production equipment project sex logo, Nantong the area along the Yangtze River, and the economic construction of the national strategy and strengthen and along the upstream enterprise cooperation and the deepening of relations and the promotion of the "Golden waterway" and "Gold Coast" complement each other, is important.

Powerful alliances to build Central Europe's most successful joint ventures

  31-cooperation with paerfeige for a long time. February 28, 2012, 31 and paerfeige heavy industries have signed an agreement to jointly announced the creation of two joint ventures, each of which contains 50% of the shares, which is 31 for the first time in the form of joint ventures in cooperation with the outside world. On the evening of December 11, 2013, said 31 heavy industry, the company will be signed by 10% of the shares, paerfeige paerfeige will pay for the 31-car lifting equipment are limited to 10% of the shares. 31 May 15, 2014 heavy industry once again published a notice duly completed delivery of Justice, cross shares.
  First half of 2014, 31 paerfeige in the market share reached 8.12% in diesel cranes, top-3. 31 and after paerfeige official cross shares, 31 paerfeige also launched aerial products, this new city area of promising products in the course of the just-concluded Bauma Shanghai was of great concern.

  Industry analysts said the operational production of 31 paerfeige, bulletins, both sides in opening up the China market will continue to work together to achieve a win-win situation. Projected that between 31 and paerfeige will create one of the most successful companies that will change the landscape of the industry, leading the industry for further updates. (31. integrated)


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